My new blog using Hugo

I recently made the switch from a self-hosted Wordpress-powered blog website on a Docker VM in Microsoft Azure to a statically generated blog website using Hugo, hosted for free by Netlify. The reasons for doing so are that Wordpress… had a long due PHP 5 to 7 upgrade that was giving me headaches (running Wordpress in docker didn’t help me much here because of the way it was set up) kept breaking once in a while mostly because plugins would fail or start behaving differently made me constantly worry about security, given its history of exploits required plugins and tweaks to get an A-rating on Pingdom tools So after my employer started shuffling with the Azure subscriptions they offer their employees, I decided to go with a statically generated blog, generated by Hugo, which is:

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OpenHAB voor je Intranet of Things (Dutch)

Inleiding OpenHAB logo Als je nog nooit gehoord hebt van OpenHAB dan adviseer ik je eerst het artikel ‘Het smarthome komt naar je thuis’ van Jasper Bakker’ te lezen. Ik ga in dit artikel dieper in op de concepten en techniek achter OpenHAB en probeer je met een paar voorbeelden te inspireren om je huis (en je leven) verder te verrijken met behulp van dit geweldige opensource project dat al een aantal awards op zijn naam heeft staan.

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Real-time push communication

I published an article with a colleague of mine in ‘Software Developers Nederland‘, a Dutch magazine. The article is about ‘SignalR’ and ‘Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs’ (Push Notifications). You can read it here (Dutch).

Vodafone voicemail uses caller id for authentication

This article is about a security risk that I found while using Skype and Vodafone voicemail. In this article I will dive into a specific situation concerning the security of one’s Vodafone voicemail (Netherlands) in combination with Skype‘s ability to spoof the caller ID. Besides that I look at the main concern: trusting a caller ID for authentication purposes. Vodafone voicemail and Skype The problem is simple. Vodafone NL offers their customers a voicemail service.

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Using multiple GPS tracklogs to create artistic views in Google Earth

Since June 2005, I’ve been collecting tracklog data using my (then) Garmin GPS 60 (CSx). This means that every time I go cycle racing, walking, sailing, ice skating or even flying, I bring my Garmin, turn it on and (automatically) log the track. After the track is completed for that activity, I archive it at home, as a GPX file, using Garmin’s MapSource. I initially bought the GPS for tracklogging and navigational purposes for my bike trip from Arnhem (Netherlands) to Paris, but keeping all tracklogs did give me some other cool opportunity that I didn’t think of back then.

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